Pond Accessories

At Lynwood Aquatics we sell and supply pond filters, replacement filter sponges, pond heaters, thermometers, skimmers, vacuums, hose, pond hose fittings, UVC clarifiers, aerators (air pumps), led and halogen lights (solar and wired), electric switchboxes, outdoor sockets, butyl and pvc pond liners, pre formed ponds (to order), pond sealer, pond repair kits, pond cover nets, fish nets, pond fish and koi food, water test kits, water treatment products and medicines for your pond fish can all be found in store, if we have not got it in stock we can usually order it in.
(Unfortunately we are not selling pond fish at the moment)

Help keep your pond clean and fish healthy with Pontec, Blagdon and Oase pond pumps for filtration and water movement. These include underwater filters, pressure filters, flow through filters and filters pads/sponges.

Pond Maintenance and Construction

Lynwood Aquatics undertake pond maintenance, pond cleaning, pond design and pond construction.

At Lynwood Aquatics we supply a full pond maintenance program. From servicing your pumps, filters and UV units to a full drain down, de silting and re filling. We keep your pond fish happy in water tubs while we do the work ready to be put back in their clean home.

We can re line your ponds with butyl liner or even fibre glass it. We can replace worn or split pipe work or upgrade the sizes if your requirements change. If you have a tired waterfall that needs repairing, or would like one built or installed we can do that to. We undertake brick and stone work to keep your pond area looking smart and fresh.

Pond Gallery

South London Crematorium

  • Pond One Before
  • Pond One After
  • Pond Two Before
  • Pond Two Before
  • Pond Two After

We were called in to service two 6m diameter ponds at South London Crematorium that needed attention.

Firstly we cleared old plants, old netting and slowly caught all the fish which were held in holding tanks running air pumps to keep them happy. After fully draining the ponds we then removed all the silt and build up over the years.

Both fountains had the pipework cleaned out. Pond One had its fountain pump serviced to restore the flow to the fountain and a new pump to supply the filter system. Pond Two as you can see from the pictures needed scrubbing to remove all of the blanket weed. As Pond Two had only one pump for the fountain and filter we fully serviced it to keep it working at its optimum level.

Both ponds had brand new filters fitted with UVs to help combat the green water in the Summer and we have suggested a natural treatment to also help combat algae and green water. Both ponds have new water Lilies which will start to flourish in the spring and help to create a lovely environment for the fish and wildlife in the ponds.

The new netting on both ponds was fitted as not to interfere with the fountains flow still allowing the fish to be protected from Herons and other predators.

We have suggested that the ponds are hoovered 2-3 times a year to keep them looking their best.


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* Due to a spate of dirty containers being returned to the shop we have had to impose a 50p fine for containers returned with sand or algae in.